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We are exploring how people with disabilities have shaped and influenced West Lothian's landscapes and buildings the project's key themes are disability and - youth, education, outings, transport, events ETC

Do you have experience of living with a disability?

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Disability History a Reflective Dateline

1920 National League of the Blind and Disabled

Organised marches to Trafalgar Square from Leeds, Manchester and Newport in support of what became the Blind Persons Act 1920

1930 The Mental Treatment Act

Allowed for voluntary admissions, which was the first time that Parliament considered that anyone might of their own free will, require admission to a psychiatric hospital

1944 The Disabled Persons (Employment) Act

Required employers with 20 or more staff to ensure that 3% of employees were registered disabled

1946 The National Health Service

Ended the distinction between paying and non-paying patients

1959 The Mental Health Act

Defined mental disorder, which is mental illness as distinct from learning disability

1960 The First Official Paralympic Games

Generally recognised as the first "official" Paralympics. The games were held alongside that year's summer Olympics and featured over 200 athletes from 43 countries

1970 The Chronically
Sick & Disabled Persons Act

The Act was a ground breaking step on the road to equality and forms a basis upon which much subsequent legislation is grounded

1972 Britain's First
Minister for Disabled

Alf Morris MP appointed as Britain's First Minister for Disabled People

1976 Union of Physically
Impaired Against Segregation

First organization to argue for a social model of disability

1978 Launch Of The Motability Scheme

Before the launch of the scheme, only disabled people who could drive themselves were entitled to help from the government. Motability changed that, and to date the scheme has provided over 4 million vehicles, and countless vehicle adaptations

1981 The International Year for Disabled People

Disabled People's International is formed this year and now has consultative status with the United Nations

1981 The Education Act

Paved the way for the integration of children with special needs

1986 The Disabled Persons Act

Required social services to provide a written assessment of disabled people and to look at the abilities of informal carers when deciding on the level of care needed

1995 The Disability Discrimination Act

Gives rights to disabled people to prevent discrimination on the grounds of disability

1996 Community Care
(Direct Payments) Act

This gives authority for local social service departments, after assessing a person's need, to make grants instead of giving a service. Enabling an individual to administer their own care

2000 The Disability Rights Commission

Commission set up with a majority of disabled commissioners

2004 Time to Get Equal Campaign

Nelson Mandela launched Scope's campaign calling for an end to disablism

2010 The Equality Act

Legally protects people from discrimination in the workplace and in wider society. It replaced previous anti-discrimination laws with a single Act, making the law easier to understand

Disability History a Reflective Dateline

Back to the future people
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Back to the future volunteer training

We are looking for young people with disabilities who would like to take part in our project.

We are also looking for people to help with our social events, interviewing people, creating a booklet and a film.

If you'd like to get involved contact us via Facebook, Email or call Debbie we'd love to hear from you!

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